Project NOM is designed to change a person

"If you want to change something small in your life, change your attitude, but if you need a big change, change your mindset."

Albert Einstein

The route taken by our civilization today dooms us to disaster. The elite way of using technology to solve narrowly elite problems will lead to the impoverishment of the majority of the world's population and the emergence of hyper inequality. And this is only part of the problem. The growing conflict potential, the emergence of more and more new ways of destroying civilization in connection with the emergence of more and more accessible methods of global influence (through viruses, hacking of weapons control systems, etc.) puts before us a fundamental question: how much time do we have until the moment when one of the risk factors will work. It's unavoidable. If we do not realize that the development of technology without social change dooms us all to self-destruction, our civilization will inevitably join the long list of technical civilizations that have ended their journey in the universe. The great filter will work, and we, humanity, will remain only the dust of history. It is for this reason that we are embarking on the most ambitious socio-technological experiment in our history - Project NOM.

The NOM project is an attempt to show what humanity, society and each of us can look like if we create living conditions and give tools and a development program. Our goal is to create the first cluster - a fully automated and autonomous settlement, which will provide all the necessary conditions for life and the implementation of development programs for a small group of people of 200-250 people ("Dunbar's number").

The NOM project aims to change a person through several stages and approaches:

1. Economy. Liberation of a person from economic conditioning. From the chains of the need to be constantly part of the economic process: to produce and consume. It is in this sense that technologies and their application are extremely important to ensure the automation of the maximum number of elements of economic activity. The economic conditionality of today's person does not allow him to single out the priority aspects of his personality.

2. Psychology. Develop and introduce new ways of working with your own psyche, thinking, cognition. The NOM project sets as its fundamental goal to lead humanity through a revolution of thought, a fundamental change in consciousness and, most importantly, self-consciousness. Without a change in the way of reasoning, thought, without rethinking oneself and one's place in the world, it is impossible to build a true, equal and just world.

3. New mechanisms of socialization. Technologies should help us change and change the social world, make us closer, give us the opportunity to increase our empathic level ("mirror neurons").

We know examples of building a social world without changing a person. Each time mankind returned to his social primitivism. Social Darwinism, on the basis of which humanity exists today, expressed in economics in the language of capitalism, is primitive. He responds to the simplest instincts of socialization that emerged from the Neolithic. And it can only be overcome by changing the way of thinking. It must be overcome. Our way of thinking is destroying us as a civilization. Our current way of thinking condemns us to self-destruction.

Humanity has only one chance to survive - to change its inner world, change its way of thinking and all approaches, all goals: infrastructural, upbringing, educational.

The NOM project is planning to create autonomous, fully automated settlements to solve these goals, to free people from the need to compete for the sake of survival. Free up his time and give him the tools and development program. The whole range of our goals in the framework of the NOM project serve only this one goal - human change. To cultivate a new type of thinking within humanity. To create a new person who can transcend this destructive historical dynamic, leading us nowhere. All other methods and approaches are meaningless, the development of any technologies without a goal to change our internal motivation, our way of life, thinking, lead us only to an increase in competition as a principle of existence. Competition in the conditions of a developed technological civilization is the path leading us to suicide. Even AI systems that grow out of this environment will inevitably assimilate our basic cultural archetypes, becoming only involuntary participants in this global confrontation. Technologies should serve the entire society and must help us solve the main problem - changing our own nature and thinking. Otherwise, the civilization of homo sapiens is doomed.
08 December / 2020

Author: Valery Vagner
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