2030 - 2040
  • Total transformation & rebirth of the human psyche. The final departure from a purely egoistic model of behavior. This will be achieved through the experience of Unity: shared consciousness and harmony with others, which will give an unprecedented level of empathy and interaction.
  • Unity will create for all of us a completely new space of thought, value, and meaning. It will transform our planet, destroying the last traces of barbarism and savagery that have been our companions for many thousands of years, and also solve the issue of a potential "human - AI" conflict, where AI will be a natural ally in the process of development and knowledge.
  • The level of potential of each of us will not have a limit of development. Creative breakthroughs will become the norm.
  • Achieving physical immortality is an unavoidable fact in the XXI century, but if the negative scenario assumes an elitist and closed nature of this process, then in the case of the implementation of the humanitarian-oriented model of the Nom, this process is General.
  • All of this will provide our species with opportunities that the most optimistic idealists could not dream of. Our civilization will finally open the horizons of the entire universe, and man can rightfully call himself the Crown of Nature.
  • Crime and any other forms of deviant behavior will disappear by themselves.

*As an illustration used the concept art by Vincent Callebaut