Why is a robotics tax needed?
Robots are gradually entering the economy. KFC opens a fully robotic establishment in Moscow. Such uncontrolled robotization deprives people of work and does not give society anything in return. All profits from scientific and technological progress are received by business. Isn't it time to introduce a tax on robotization? Or will we allow a complete dehumanization of the economy?

We must understand that a particular robot is not just an achievement of today. This is the result of centuries-old work of scientists of all human civilization, who often sacrificed their lives for the sake of progress, and it is strange and stupid to give the results of this work, of research and the sacrifices of all mankind into the hands of private companies that will monopoly profit from scientific and technological progress. Want a robot? Okay, but let them pay the minimum wage for each robot, and from this money the state will be able to pay the unemployed and for retraining programs, for example.

Today, intelligent systems are being implemented everywhere. In the field of finance on stock exchanges some expert systems have been trading with others for a long time without any human participation. In medicine and law, IBM Watson has shown incredible success. Robots at Amazon have taken tens of thousands of people (!) out of jobs in the company's warehouses.

Today robotization (in a broad sense, including bots and expert systems) every day narrows the available labor market for each of us. Corporations monopolistically benefit from scientific and technological progress, forgetting that scientific and technological progress is the result of the work of the entire civilization.

The NOM project constantly says that the results of scientific and technological progress should become the property of the whole society, and not become the object of privatization of corporations through patent law.

Knowledge and progress cannot be private, they cannot be owned by anyone.
24 декабря / 2020

Author: Valery Vagner
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