Solar panels made of paper for the NOM project

The NOM project focuses on the maximum autonomy of each cluster. In this regard, it is important for us to keep track of all changes and technological discoveries that will allow us to facilitate the provision of this task.
Today we will focus on energy. Now, without loud advertisements, without pretentious presentations, a revolution in energy is imperceptibly going on, and here we are not talking about Tesla. We are talking about the changes that will affect the lives of the most ordinary people - about solar energy generation, namely, that today ordinary paper can be used as a substrate for battery cells. Yes, exactly the one on which, perhaps, your favorite press is also printed, if someone else reads it.
To bring such batteries to life, you just need to cover the paper with organic elements and polymer electrodes, thereby turning it into a single semiconductor module. All.
All these procedures are easily automated, and such solar panels can be easily and simply printed on the currently popular 3D printers, and this does not even require complex and expensive industrial designs.
As you understand, the price of such solar panels is much lower than the cost of classic solar panels, which is also important for our project.
Thus, the role of fossil fuels is decreasing day by day. At the same time, this is not a technological perspective; by no means is it something that is already available today. So the role of renewable energy in generating electricity for household use is growing day by day. # nbsp;
Within the framework of the NOM project, we welcome such discoveries, this makes our project closer and easier in terms of implementation, solving (in part) the issues of autonomy of the settlement in the field of energy. It will also solve the problem of providing energy to autonomous agricultural clusters and hydroponic farms within the framework of the NOM project.
Every day, more and more technologies appear that make it easier for us to build a fully autonomous cluster, which does not depend on the infrastructure of the outside world, the NOM settlement, and this inspires us with serious optimism.